Types of Water Damage

Types of Water Damage


When you ask for water damage restoration services in Houston you will see a list of 8-9 types of water damage services list where the one problem has two-three types of solution.

There are three kinds of water damage you may face in your whole life experience.

When there is a flood type of situation, people think the water is harmful but not. As this Pure waterflood has occurred when there is any maintaining appliance, breakdown of tanks or pool, if snow gets melted or due to heavy rainfall. This type of flood is safe but not more than 48 hrs. Because its start converted into its next type.


This water is infected with human waste or other harmful toxins. This comes from regular use toilets or broken sewage pipes which are filled with infected bacteria can harm anyone in seconds. Mostly this water is decomposed but if due to broken sewage pipes that water comes to your house before its get decomposed will harm you and make your home infected.

This water comes under the second type of water damage as this water generates from sinks, showers and baths especially. This water is wasted as you can't use for drinking but this water is not contaminated as you can use this water in a different way like for toilet flush. This type of water has some elements of contaminated water which means this water can harm you if consumed. If grey-water flood occurs due to weather disturbance, fixtures of pipes are not done properly or any burst pipe. This water flood damages your home items like carpets, walls, furniture and wall paintings etc.

If you start to clean your home just first wear protective gear and keep away your child, pet and someone who is suffering from any immune system problem. But if the water level increases and the situation gets out of your control then please call for an expert who has experience in water damage restoration in houston.

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