Flooded Basement / Foundation Crack

Flooded Basement situation is a very serious problem under water damage categories. If water starts making space for itself in your basement then it will start damaging the foundation and floor of your basement even increasing the mold on the wall and moisture will take place.

Following the below step will help you to protect yourself. 


SEARCH OUT (before entering the Basement) :

In case of flooded basement the chance of damage outside the area is higher. That’s why you should see out first before entering the basement otherwise your first visit can harm you and your health. It’s dangerous for any one who tries to work under the area where the place is completely close from all sides. Without knowledge of handling these problems can be dangerous for anyone’s life so call for an expert and professional team for solving your flooded basement problem. Houston water damage is ready to help you and your family.

Cut off Electricity Supply :

Before doing any work related flooded basement it’s important to cut off the electricity supply so that any switch does not have any power and the chance of electric shock will get reduced. If you already cut off electricity then that’s good but it’s another important point to check yourself first and cut off electricity personally also. When you are confirmed that you have removed the electric shock chances then it will save you from any injuries. When you call us our first step will be to cut off electricity hours so that remove the chance of any injuries.

Off the Gas Line :

Our professionals team will shut off the source of the gas line to avoid any injuries. This is the most important step when you are cleaning the flooded basement and while cleaning the area of the basement you do not need to worry about any damage which can occur if the gas pipe line is still supplying the gas.

Contact us for any water damage related problem. We are a top water damage restoration company in Houston to help you and your family. Special note is for all that try to open the window of your basement so that the moisture which is spreading fast can reduce due to wind and even you can use the battery fans.